Welcome to PoCo!

PoCo is a geometric playground for learning, teaching, exploration and discovery of spatial structures and their geometric properties.

PoCo stands for Polyhedral Computing. You can use PoCo to manipulate Platonic and Archimedean solids in a 3D graphic space. Operations and combinations allow you to create complex geometric structures.

PoCo can represent a large number of states, one at-a-time. One state can transit into the next one by applying geometric transformations or operations.

For instance, a set of 10 independent cubes:

could be transformed, by applying a series of connecting operations, into the following structure:

PoCo is a platform for training spatial intelligence. It involves deeper understanding of the 2D and 3D space, ability to make predictions about spatial shapes and their movements. It has strong connections to geometry, kinetics and architecture. It displays also artistic features and it behaves like a playground for spatial creativity, investigation and discovery.