XColony uses 3D shapes and applies transformations to generate complex ensembles of geometric solids.

We thought it is about games, we thought it is about education. In the end it proved it is all about human knowledge acquisition with non-standard learning techniques.

Remember when your favorite playing time was manipulating colorful cubes?

Now you can do that with more and more complex 3D shapes.

This system provides the tools for acquiring and developing spatial skills, spatial intuition and spatial intelligence. Knowledge is acquired by integrating multiple sources of information, including visual and kynestethic. That creates strong connections between objects and actions.

Spatial intelligence is needed to improve the skills associated to STEM disciplines. These skills are important for learning geometry, architecture, kinestetics and robotics. But there are additional connections to algorithms and Computer Science, biology and chemistry.

The system was proved to help middle school students increase the understanding of geometry, their self-confidence and team work capabilities. That lead to getting higher grades in general math education and other disciplines.