3. Middle School Curriculum

As the program developed to cover one year educational program activities (for weekly one hour workshops) it became optional curriculum for fifth graders. Mathematical concepts in the context of a friendly and enjoyable framework could have been better comprehended. Especially geometric skills like domain decomposition or addition of angles were acquired more efficiently compared to standard teaching.

Participants spatial skills improved and they obtained better results in standard mathematical tests next year. Here you have

Results 2015
1. Overall: 17% increase – spatial intelligence
2. Qualitative results: improved creativity, reasoning.
3. Follow-up. The average math score was higher by 20%, next year
4. Low performance improvement: The ratio of lower performing students for the target group is half compared to the control

Quantitative Results 2016. Science Festival Project allowed the students to present their project to teachers, parents and visitors, with confidence, precise language and enthusiasm

These results were reported at ICME 13, 2016, Hamburg, Germany:

The full proceedings report is available for free from the congress homepage: http://icme13.org/post_congress_materials