Test PoCo_001

Spatial Intelligence Test PoCo_001

This is a self-evaluation test.
Try to answer the following questions to the best of your understanding. Carefully read the questions and provide your best answer, together with as many justifications. Revisit your answers in two weeks, or discuss your answer with your friends or family. Assess your spatial intelligence level from this experiment.

Q1. Mary got for her birthday anniversary a game containing the following 5 pieces:

Label them from left to right: A, B, C, D, E

She went to school and when she came back home, she discovered that her brother mixed the pieces, paint them with different colors and put them in a different order, but he did not rotate them, … well… except one.

Label them from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Can you spot the one piece that has been rotated? (Say, for instance, A-1 if you think the piece A was rotated and placed into position 1).

Q2. The shape

is for the shape

what the shape

is for one of the following:

Q3. Andy wants to create a frame for the following abstract geometric image, using similar regular hexagons. How many pieces does he need? Verify and explain your answer.

Q4. Alex placed on a table six pieces HI6 (chains of 6 regular hexagons arranged as an “I”). Can you discover in what order did he place the pieces, one on top of the other? He is also trying to mislead you. Some of the pieces are not possible to be just placed (they have to be interlaced). Use the colors for designating the pieces.

Q5. The HEX game goal is to place some pieces on the board below (hexagonal grid), without overlapping or going out of the board area.

The pieces are HC3, HC4 and HC5 (left to right — chains of hexagons in a “C” shape).

An interactive tool is available to download: HexPack

a. What is the maximum number of HC3 pieces that you can place on the board?

b. What is the maximum number of HC4 pieces that you can place on the board?

c. What is the maximum number of HC5 pieces that you can place on the board?

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