Modules are learning program units consisting of workshops, projects, puzzles, problems (posing and solving) and online tests, all being centered on a specific theme. Materials available for download on the PoCo webpage and YouTube videos will provide additional support to spatial learning.

Example of themes that will be investigated are:

  1. Art (2D paintings and 3D chromatics)
  2. Architecture (forms and structures)
  3. Fractals
  4. Illusions
  5. Simulations
  6. Lattices

Module 1 (PoCo acquaintance) is an introduction to the platform. After learning the basics you can explore an extensive collection of XColony projects. These puzzles are not easy, but those of you who have been participated in XColony Spatial Learning programs will find the solutions faster.
However, if you find these puzzles too challenging, donwload the projects files and load them in PoCo. Now it is easy to see the solutions.